WABS is now live – what’s next?

Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS) went live for production use 21.11.2013. It is now backed by an enterprise SLA and supported by Microsoft Support. First feelings my colleague heard in BizTalk Summit 2013 were all not that promising. System Integrators bumped into problems with deployment procedures. Unexpectedly whole existing service (unit) needed to be restarted to update small parts of solution. This kind of service breaks just are not what business critical processes shall stand. Lets hope those were only preview phase glitches.

Here is some promiseware Microsoft shared during BizTalk Summit about WABS. MS is aiming for common platform and tooling for EAI, B2Bi and BPM. Following illustration opens up at topic level what specific concepts Microsoft will focus next on WABS.


WABS development areas


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