From Systems Integrator to Enterprise Process Integrator

Enterprise Application Integration – EAI is a commonplace term used to describe what Systems Integrators do. Yet, it is not the truth. Since from the beginning of EAI, System integrators are not just putting enterprise applications to speak with each other. Additionally SIs are orchestrating and automating process steps across systems executing parts of business processes. As companies don’t run in a vacuüm, these steps of processes go across enterprise boundaries. In supply chain there are always customer and suppliers which again are customers for next level of suppliers. Exchanging business messages between companies is usually called Business to Business integration (B2Bi). Put EAI and B2Bi serve business processes and result is something commonly known as Business Process Integration and Automation (BPIA).

Process Integrator understands the big picture in business areaCustomers have most efficient integration implementations when SI understands how the process runs as a whole entity across companies or parties. I call System Integrators with deeper understanding of business processes in a certain business area with a term Enterprise Process Integrator (EPI). They have mastered business area specific processes and enterprise applications that are commonly in use in specific business area. For example, in Energy sector EPIs have mastered processes like remote reading from electricity meters to corresponding invoice and electricity meter installation between energy supplier and service company that has the work force to do installations and so on. In retail area EPIs have a deep understanding of processes like stock management in retail supply chain. In Finances SI might have a deep understanding of SEPA Credit Transfer and Direct Debiting processes.

If you want your integration made efficiently – ask for Enterprise Process Integrator instead of Systems Integrator doing bulk data integration.

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