EAI – a commodity

EAI Trend

EAI Trend

In my home country Finland there are lot of lay offs in large companies and unemployment rate is 7,4%, which is more than last year at same time. Interesting news was that two professions were still lacking work force. Those two were program managers and system integrators. Integration markets keep growing and demand stays high, same time Google Trends point out that the hype status of integration was totally over somewhere in 2009. What does this tell us? It just proves the fact that EAI has become commodity years ago, but yet there is not enough good professionals to fulfill needs of markets.

As usual, when something becomes commodity in IT sector, it is outsourced to low-cost countries. Data integration and basic EAI usually goes well with outsourcing if there are

  1. enough volumes of work
  2. steady pace and quantum of changes
  3. extremely well running processes
  4. great outsourcing partner

Sometimes, when the moon is at right position, all of these apply. Yet it is not enough – or actually one could say that basic EAI is not enough. Customers are demanding Business Process Integration and Automation (BPIA). In addition to process specific understanding what good Enterprise Process Integrators brings with them, process integration requires quite often  understanding of local markets and players. Something that outsourcing partner cannot provide.

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