How to explain EAI to your grandmother? Second try.

I previously explained my work, or especially concept of EAI, to my grandmother: 

“You see, computer systems are like people. Each of them has their own important professions that others can’t do. Imagine a workplace full of professionals. Imagine that all of them have different native languages. Like a language translator, that makes people with different languages understand each other, EAI makes different computer systems understand each other.”

I met her again and she asked how my day was at McDonald’s.

Sigh. Back to the old drawing board. Here is my second try.

“Think how post works. You send a card to your japanese friend. You write a message and undersign it, you write destination address and drop the card to post box. Post delivers it to destination and your friend knows it was from you as you did undersign it. EAI works similarly – computer systems need to send messages to each other and EAI is their postal office. They even undersign their messages to ensure receiving system that sender is really who it claims to be. In addition to delivery and unlike post, EAI can also translate your card to japanese language.”

Thanks to my colleague Katja for the original idea of post office.

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