Gartner’s Cool Cloud Integrators 2014

Gartner published four vendors in category Cool Vendors in Integration, 2014. Let’s have a look on those companies and their offering.

Youredi profiles as a cloud-powered iPaaS and trading partner messaging operator (EDIFACT, UBL etc.). Youredi’s services make the most of cloud scalability and efficiently and that way shake the existing operator markets with aggressive pricing and easy onboarding of suppliers. The core of Youredi service is Azure based cloud integration platform (iPaaS), which has most of the common integration platform elements including connectivity adapters like HTTP, REST, Webservices, file transfers and databases. Platform is enhanced with features specifically important for message operator:

  • Trading partner metadata management
  • Easy provisioning of suppliers
  • Eeady-made messaging sequences for most common processes and standards (EDIFACT, UBL etc.)
  • Message mappings based on standards.
  • No need to send transactions to operator, they can be polled from cloud platform as well.

Youredi also offers off-the-shelf bank connections, ready-made adapters to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and quite specific EMIR regulated reporting of exchange and OTC-traded contracts to Trade Repository. Does the last one sound a long-shot? Services, that ease companies to fulfill requirements of mandatory regulations, are always a go-go for integrator.

Who should be interested:

  • Companies looking for cost-effective way of handling their supplier network
  • Companies looking for cloud-based iPaaS

Nipendo, as Youredi, has cloud-powered supplier network with a promise of easy onboarding of suppliers. Nipendo offers straight-through processing for procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. Straight-through processing in this context mostly mean no human intervention from the PO creation through to supplier payment, in the other words: process is touch-free and therefore costs less to execute.

These promises are realized in their pay-for-performance pricing model: customers get charged from only those invoices that were processed without manual effort and errors.

Who should be interested:

  • Companies looking for cost-effective way of handling their supplier network
  • Companies looking for cloud-based iPaaS

GetApp offers an iPaaS (integration Platform-as-a-Service) platform specifically for SaaS Developers. When you enter, you’ll be facing a SaaS delivered business application marketplace with almost 6000 applications. Idea behind GetApp is simple but effective: SaaS vendors need:

  • Marketplace and
  • Ability integrate with existing systems and other cloud services i.e. mashupping.

GetApp gives SaaS vendors both. As SaaS providers build their applications, they can your GetApp as their own iPaaS and their marketplace.

Who should be interested:

  • SaaS providers

Negentis is an Italian integration platform. Why I point out the country of origin in the beginning? We’ll it was hard to find information about them from their website as it changed language to mixed english-italian after few clicks. It seems that Negentis is more like a traditional on-premises Integration platform vendor with IaaS option. This means Negentis provide infrastructure as-a-service, but each installation is customer specific without pricing and other benefits of multi-tenant platform.

Other specialties I could find was that their platform has a small foot-print and may therefore be used in wider area of scenarios.

Who should be interested:

  • Companies looking IaaS integration platform
  • Companies looking for integration platform suitable for multiple light-weight installations on-site


It seems that age-old B2B -integration business (e.g. EDI operator, bank connections, etc.) will face a new era of competition between traditional trading partner integration companies and new public cloud-powered integrators like Youredi and Nipendo. Cloud enables them to balance infrastructure costs exactly based on total messaging volumes of all their customers. Additionally, traditional messaging operators have grown fat and may have problems with matching technology and pricing of these new challengers. It is also notable, that certain common processes or parts of processes, like order-to-cash process, are now basic features of integration platforms. This is something I mused in my earlier post From Systems Integrator to Enterprise Process Integrator

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