Integration Spaghetti in cloud

But what happened to SOA?

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a development pattern where repeatable business activities, such as “check customer credit information“, are published as independent reusable services. Back in 2000s SOA was the coolest kid in the block  – a must have for every CIO. Gartner’s studies promised huge benefits in form of reusability and modularization. Software vendors ruthlessly used its “must…

Business ICC and IT

Establishing Integration Competency Center, part 5

Part 5: Communication and Tools The first part of Establishing Integration Competency Center described an example set of roles that could be used in ICC. Parts from 2 to 4 described sample set of major processes. Those samples name the smallest set of processes ICC must run. And remember, every process you design, you’ll have…

Process Integrator understands the big picture in business area

From Systems Integrator to Enterprise Process Integrator

Enterprise Application Integration – EAI is a commonplace term used to describe what Systems Integrators do. Yet, it is not the whole truth. Nowadays System integrators are not just putting enterprise applications to speak with each other. Instead SIs are orchestrating and automating process steps across systems executing parts of business processes. As companies don’t run in a vacuum, these steps of processes go across enterprise boundaries. In supply chain there are always customer and suppliers which again may be customers for next level of suppliers.


Establishing Integration Competency Center, part 4

“All credit and debit card transfer of XXXX are down”. yelled headlines of local news. “Salaries of YYYY are not on employee accounts on time” screamed the next one. I felt slight sympathy to our competitors. Their counterparts of me won’t be sipping their morning coffee peacefully with family as I am. System integration sure make showy headlines – when it doesn’t work.


Establishing Integration Competency Center, part 3

Part 3: Release and deployment High pace and quantum of changes – that is a one of the biggest problems of ICCs to handle. As integration platform grows constantly by new integration solutions and changes to existing ones, it is mandatory to design release and deployment processes with special care. We need cyclic process for deployment – if we deploy every change…


Establishing Integration Competency Center, Part 2

Part 2: Development and change In part 1 we set the goals for ICC and chose right kind of persons to staff the mandatory roles. Next topics are covering ICC processes: ICC is a shared service so it obviously need some formal processes to run these shared services. Be extra careful on these topics: nothing…

Business ICC and IT

Establishing Integration Competency Center, part 1

Part 1: Goals and Right People My approach to ICC is ‘hands-on’. To get your hands on to daily, weekly and monthly governance tasks you will need to identify those tasks and get right people to take responsibility of those task. But before we know what kind of people we need, we must have a…