Integration Spaghetti in cloud

But what happened to SOA?

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a development pattern where repeatable business activities, such as “check customer credit information“, are published as independent reusable services. Back in 2000s SOA was the coolest kid in the block  – a must have for every CIO. Gartner’s studies promised huge benefits in form of reusability and modularization. Software vendors ruthlessly used its “must…

Mobile Cloud backed integration

2014: Annoying cloud and mobile backends

Say Cloud one more time and… Cloud, cloud, cloud.. Yes, repeat is a powerful rhetoric device, but if I once more evangelize cloud based integration to my customers, they might shoot me. CIOs are well aware of benefits of cloud and how hybrid integration will come and cut cost, reduce pain and chaos of system…

WABS is now live – what’s next?

Here is some promiseware Microsoft shared during BizTalk Summit about WABS. MS is aiming for common platform and tooling for EAI, B2Bi and BPM. This post opens up at topic level what specific concepts Microsoft will focus next on WABS.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Windows Azure BizTalk Services pricing

It is interesting to see how markets will welcome Windows Azure’s BizTalk Services (WABS) with it’s quite scalable pricing. In this post, I will do little comparison between WABS and on-premises installation prices. As there is a huge amount of variables that have an impact on pricing, comparison shall be only directional. But first, lets…