Poll Result Unsexiest area of Information Technology is…

What is the unsexiest area of Information Technology? Answer Percent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 28% Intranets 26% Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) 19% Enterprise Content Management 11% Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 9% Big Data 6% Business Intelligence (BI) 2% Most sexiest areas of IT are BI, Bigdata and CRM in this order.

EAI Trend

EAI – a commodity

In my home country Finland there are lot of lay offs in large companies and unemployment rate is 7,4%, which is more than last year at same time. Interesting news was that two professions were still lacking work force. Those two were program managers and system integrators. Integration markets keep growing and demand stays high,…

Process Integrator understands the big picture in business area

From Systems Integrator to Enterprise Process Integrator

Enterprise Application Integration – EAI is a commonplace term used to describe what Systems Integrators do. Yet, it is not the whole truth. Nowadays System integrators are not just putting enterprise applications to speak with each other. Instead SIs are orchestrating and automating process steps across systems executing parts of business processes. As companies don’t run in a vacuum, these steps of processes go across enterprise boundaries. In supply chain there are always customer and suppliers which again may be customers for next level of suppliers.

How to explain EAI to your grandmother?

“You see, computer systems are like people. Each of them has their own important professions that others can’t do. Imagine a workplace full of professionals. Imagine that all of them have different native languages. Like a language translator, that makes people with different languages understand each other, EAI makes different computer systems understand each other.”